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TIBCO Cloud Mesh

TIBCO Cloud Mesh is a service infrastructure that enables you to compose solutions across different TIBCO Cloud domains using REST services. It enables you to discover and use REST services with a few mouse clicks, and few configuration steps. Similarly, it enables you to present a REST service you have implemented, for others to use, just as simply. These services are inherently and securely confined to your TIBCO Cloud subscription.

Features of TIBCO Cloud Mesh

Simple - Visual discovery and selection of available services, including search and sort capabilities.

Seamless - Access to all services within your organization, regardless of who implemented the service, or how they implemented it.

Secure - Run time service invocations performed with built-in authorization, inherently private to your TIBCO Cloud.

Shared - Access to services in your related organizations.

Domain Capabilities Supporting Cloud Mesh

TIBCO Cloud Mesh is not visible as a top-level domain capability in TIBCO Cloud, but rather as a set of cooperating experiences in existing capabilities. A domain capability can support TIBCO Cloud Mesh either as a provider or as a consumer. As a provider, the domain capability allows the user to create and manage REST endpoints that will be available via TIBCO Cloud Mesh, often as a by-product of creating an application. As a consumer, the domain capability allows the users to configure REST invocations by using TIBCO Cloud Mesh to present the available endpoints.

Provider Domain Capabilities

  • TIBCO Cloud Integration (except Connect)
  • TIBCO Cloud Events
  • TIBCO Cloud Integration - API Mock App

Consumer Domain Capabilities

  • TIBCO Cloud Integration (Develop, Integrate)
  • TIBCO Cloud Mashery®
  • TIBCO Cloud Live Apps

Note: Flogo (Develop) as a provider or consumer is available only within an organization in TIBCO Cloud Mesh; not across related organizations.

Using the TIBCO Cloud Mesh Chooser

For some TIBCO Cloud domain capabilities participating as consumers of TIBCO Cloud Mesh, the experience launches a TIBCO Cloud Mesh modal dialog for selecting services. Currently, in the TIBCO Cloud Mesh dialog you can select a single service and an endpoint path within that service.


  1. Select an available organization, if necessary.

    Note: The organization you are signed in to might have related organizations from which you can select a service. However, you can browse services from only one organization at a time.

  2. (Optional) Search for a service you require, by name or by description.
  3. (Optional) Sort services by name and by draft or published.

    Note: Draft: A service in draft state means that the service provider gives no guarantee about the quality or availability of the service. Published: A service in published state means that the service provider gives reasonable assurance that it is production-ready.

  4. Click the name of the service you require from the list of services available in the selected organization.
  5. Examine the operations available for different paths and click Select to select the path you want to use.

Points to Remember

  • The list of services displayed depends on which organization you have signed in from and, possibly, which related organization you have selected.
  • Provider domain capabilities might have different methods for making services available in TIBCO Cloud Mesh. For example, in TIBCO Cloud Integration only endpoints marked as private are available.