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Introduction to TIBCO Cloud

With TIBCO Cloud, you can centrally manage multiple accounts and teams, and can subscribe to domains across regions. This is done with a single sign-on. Authentication is done either by TIBCO or your identity provider.

TIBCO Cloud offers a multitude of capabilities for domains such as API management, event processing, development with Flogo, application integration, analytics, and messaging.

You can sign up for TIBCO Cloud and become an organization owner. As organization owners, you can subscribe to domain capabilities as per your requirement. Subscriptions are tied to a region, and therefore, you can have multiple subscriptions in different regions. You can switch between regions with a single click. Feel free to try the domain capabilities of your choice, explore, and buy them.

To start with the 30-day trial of a domain or to subscribe to a domain, see Signing Up for TIBCO Cloud

Note: This one-time free trial is for one domain and only in one region.