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Contacting Support

When working in TIBCO Cloud or in any of the domains, you might face some problem and might want to contact the TIBCO Support team for help. You can contact support without signing out of TIBCO Cloud.


To contact TIBCO Support:

  1. On the global navigation bar in TIBCO Cloud or in any of the domains, click .

  2. From the links displayed, select the Support link.

    Note: The Contact Support link is not available in some Community-based products such as Cloud Starters and Solutions.

  3. In the TIBCO Support form that is displayed in a new tab, select the product and provide other necessary details to explain your problem and click Submit Case.

    Several help articles might be displayed as you continue filling information in the form. You might want to refer to them before submitting your case.

    After you submit your case, the case details are displayed.