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Upgrading a Subscription

As an organization owner, you can upgrade your subscription any time during its trial period or before the trial period ends or when your paid subscription expires.

A trial subscription in a region can be upgraded in the same region only. However, you can purchase the same domain in other regions. Note that, if you have purchased a domain by using a purchase order in a region, you must renew your subscription using purchase order only; credit card purchase is not supported in the same region. However, you can use a credit card to purchase the domain in other regions.

On the Subscriptions tab, your subscriptions are displayed as tiles. Click Upgrade on the subscription tile of your choice.

The Purchase Subscription page is displayed. Select the appropriate option and proceed to fill in all the required information.

Upgrading a Subscription

If you are upgrading a subscription, say, Live Apps, the Live Apps Purchase Subscription page is displayed after you click Upgrade on the Live Apps tile.

  1. Customize your subscription by selecting an appropriate plan and click Contact the TIBCO sales team.
  2. Fill in all the required information in the “Send a request to the TIBCO Sales Team” window and click Send.

Note that, some domains might be available for purchase only via a purchase order for which you must contact the TIBCO Sales Team. Some domains are available by credit card purchase.

For example, the following image is a purchase order for a subscription:

The following image is a credit card purchase for a subscription: