Browser Timeout Behavior

When working in TIBCO Cloud, you must be aware of the timeout behavior of the browser in which you are working.

  • Timeout for all domain capabilities of TIBCO Cloud is 30 minutes.

  • On all of the tabs opened in TIBCO Cloud, a popup with a countdown opens after about 25 minutes of inactivity In case of multiple tabs opened for different domains, any activity on any tab keeps the session active in all the tabs.

  • A sign out is initiated after the 5-minute countdown has ended and the user is signed out of all the tabs.

  • One workaround to the automatic sign out is to close the tabs when you are done. Reopening the URL takes you to the Identity Provider’s user-name password screen. The timeout for TIBCO Accounts screen is around 2 hours. If you have configured SSO (Enterprise SSO) with Google or an external SAML provider, then the session timeout is determined by the corresponding Identity Manager.

  • Any browser session is valid for at most 24 hours even if you keep it active the whole time. After 24 hours new authentication is required.