Working in Multiple Regions

TIBCO Cloud supports working in multiple regions - US East, US West, Europe, and Australia. You can have a single TIBCO Cloud account and multiple domain subscriptions in multiple regions.

Users can switch between regions and subscribed domain capabilities by using the region selector on the global navigation bar. After they select the region, they are directed to the selected region. All emails sent to the users, state the appropriate region.

Each subscription is tied to a region. As a user, you can have multiple subscriptions in different regions. The region selector lets you navigate between regions to view all your available subscriptions.

The region selector helps you to:

  • View all your subscriptions across multiple regions on the Subscriptions tab.

  • Navigate between any region in TIBCO Cloud, irrespective of whether you have a subscription to any domain capability in that region.

  • After you launch a domain capability, navigate between the different regions where you have subscribed to a domain capability.

  • View details of team members assigned to the domain capabilities in the current region under the Team Members tab.

  • Work seamlessly on all subscriptions across all regions. However, you can work in only one region at a time.

    • Launch a domain capability subscribed in the current region from the Subscriptions tab.

    • Click the grid icon on the global navigation bar to view your TIBCO Cloud capabilities.

    • Switch to another region from a domain capability page.

    • Switch to the Team Members tab, the Subscriptions tab, the Settings tab, or the Downloads & APIs tab from a domain capability page.